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specialist teak furniture manufacturer

Welcome To Manggala Java Art

Starting from agricultural commodities commerce, Batik and teakwood for local market.In 1985 we establised a workshop for architectural timber work we supllied building materials such as door, door jamb, etc. We suppplied those needs previously only for local i.e, Klaten, Solo, Jogja and Semarang under "Manggala Jati" trade mark.

We established our first furniture factory in 1995.Under the same Trade Mark "Manggala Jati" in Klaten Cenral Java with 10.000 m m. We had integrated furniture manucfacturing system with included raw material processing, drying wood process and finally producing high quality export furniture and we got orders from foreign countries such as Australia and Netherlands for garden teak furniture and colonial antique furniture ever since.

The promising business climate in 1998 especially furniture encouraged us to build another factory which currently becomes our second factory, it is located in Jatirejo Jati Puro, Klaten. The diversification was intered to maximize our effort in meeting orders which came from other countries like Turky and Middle east countries.

As Klaten has been becoming one of foreign buyer distination in Indonesia, a specially Indonesian furniture and due to the promising climate, our company keeps on doing its best in dealing with those chances and because of that, in 2001 we expand our company by establishing brand new commerce trade center which was managed by Manggala java Art management with 3000 m m showroom located in Klaten Solo Highway. it is also functioned as the main gate for free trade in Klaten and its neighbors. Manggala Trade Center is a real way to take part in global market in this very global age.

As the president director and owner of Manggala Java Art, we would like to present you this valuable works of art in playing our role to build this beloved country.

Thank you.
Wiyadi Wongso Manggolo